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A Israel Iran War, a Azeri Uprising in Tehran ?

7 Dec 2021 As more details of Israeli operations in Iran are revealed it becomes clear that the Israelis unofficially, and often anonymously, worked with the majority of Iranians who want to overthrow their religious dictatorship. The Iranian government is seeing more protests from the ethnic minorities in Iran that comprise half the population. While half the population is ethnic Iranian, an Indo-European people long called Persians, a quarter of Iranians are Azeri (a Turkic people). The Azeris are seen as the most loyal non-Persian group in Iran. Many senior members of the clergy are Azeri, including the senior member of the ruling Guardian Council and supreme leader Ali Khamenei. That is no longer an asset because most Iranian Azeris have turned against the religious dictatorship and are calling for the end of the religious dictatorship and better relations with neighboring Azerbaijan, which is allied with Israel. This ethnic affinity has long been a problem for Russia and Iran.