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A Korean War the Naval Aspect

A Second Korean War Could Be a Naval War Like No Other in Decades – Back just last year, two of South Korea’s largest shipbuilders unveiled designs and concept models for the country’s future aircraft carrier, known as CVX, 100 surface warships, 10 amphibious ships, 18 submarines, and 60 aircraft. Many of its surface vessels have vertical launch systems and advanced electronic suites that put them on par with the best warships in the world.

According to South Korea’s Ministry of Defense, North Korea’s navy, officially known as the Korean People’s Navy, or KPN, has 430 surface combatants (mostly patrol vessels), 70 submarines, and 250 amphibious vessels. The KPN is also acquiring subs capable of firing nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. The KPN operates at least one submarine supposedly capable of firing one or two such missiles, and another class that’s under construction will potentially be able to fire three.