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NO COMPROMISES’ – HOSTAGE DEAL ‘NON-NEGOTIABLES’ REVEALED  Prime Minister Netanyahu stresses that Israel will not agree to a deal that stipulates a permanent end to the war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office published a list of “non-negotiable” Israeli demands for a potential break in the ongoing fighting in the Gaza Strip, which would see the release of Israeli hostages still held in the coastal enclave nine months after the October 7th terror onslaught.

NETANYAHU SETS RED LINES IN HOSTAGE-RELEASE TALKS WITH HAMAS  “The prime minister is continuing to insist on the principles that have already been agreed to by Israel,” said the PMO.

GALLANT: HOSTAGE DEAL WOULD NOT TIE IDF’S HANDS AGAINST HEZBOLLAH  “Your goal is to ensure your readiness and to erode the enemy’s [Hezbollah] capabilities,” the Israeli defense minister told troops in the north.

HAMAS DROPPING ITS DEMAND FOR PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW HAS A ‘TWIST The cause of the impasse in past agreements was that Hamas is concerned Israel will resume the war once the hostages are released. Israel is worried Hamas will extend negotiations past the first phase without releasing all of the remaining hostages.

The hostage deal begins with the first phase lasting 42 days, beginning with a “full and complete” pause in fighting during which female, elderly male and sick or wounded hostages would be released, and Israeli forces would withdraw from populated areas in Gaza, allowing Palestinian evacuees to return.




ISRAELIS WOUNDED IN HEZBOLLAH MISSILE AND DRONE ATTACKS ON GALILEE The heavy barrages came a day after top Hezbollah terror operative was slain in an IAF strike in Lebanon.

BREAKING: IDF STRIKES HEZBOLLAH OFFICIAL IN LEBANON & HAMAS HEADQUARTERS IN RAFAH | TBN ISRAEL TBN Israel’s Yair Pinto reports on the Israel-Hamas War. The Israeli Air Force eliminated a senior Hezbollah official, responsible for their drone program, 112 kilometers north of the Israeli-Lebanese border. The IDF targeted a Hamas headquarters within a UNRWA facility in the Gaza Strip, continuing their efforts in Rafah where numerous Hamas enforcers have been neutralized. Progress has been reported towards a deal to release remaining Israeli hostages, though experts advise managing expectations. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments here on TBN Israel.




UNDER COVER OF ITS PROXY WAR AGAINST ISRAEL, IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM IS RUSHING AHEAD  Both Biden and Trump are “committed to Israel” but will hesitate to go to war to stop it from attaining nuclear weapons, expert tells JNS.