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China Could Invade Taiwan by 2027

Top US military officials believe that China could invade Taiwan within the next six years owing to the fact that America is distracted by domestic issues.  Video Link        

Top US Commander fears Chinese invasion in Taiwan in next 6 years Video      

China’s Latest Weapon Against Taiwan: The Sand Dredger

Chinese dredging ships are swarming Taiwan’s Matsu Islands, forcing the local coast guard to run round-the-clock patrols. The tactic is part of Beijing’s escalating campaign of irregular ‘gray-zone’ warfare on Taipei. Reuters joined the coast guard on patrol.

The sand-dredging is one weapon China is using against Taiwan in a campaign of so-called gray-zone warfare, which entails using irregular tactics to exhaust a foe without actually resorting to open combat. Since June last year, Chinese dredgers have been swarming around the Matsu Islands, dropping anchor and scooping up vast amounts of sand from the ocean bed for construction projects in China.

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