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Dan Schueftan on Israel

Dan Schueftan Israel – The State of the Nation 2022

Dr. Dan Schueftan is Former National Security Advisor of Israel and Former Advisor to two Prime Ministers of Israel. He is Director, National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, and Senior Lecturer at the School of Political Sciences and Israel Defense Force’s National Defense College. He was Visiting Professor at Georgetown University in US and he has been briefing ministers, senior officers, defense and intelligence officials including Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office, Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry and National Security Council as well as to US Senate and House of Representatives. His has authored ‘A Jordanian Option – Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians; Attrition: Egypt’s Post War Political Strategy 1967-1970; Disengagement – Israel and the Palestinian Entity; Palestinians in Israel – the Arab Minority and the Jewish State and others.