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Does Iran Now Have Russian Su-35 Fighters ?

With Israel throwing its full support for Ukraine, will we see Russia pilots in Iran ?
 Russian Su-35 was photographed on the airfields next to Tehran’s underground air base, Eagle 44’s entrances. Whether this is a real fighter or a mock-up in real sizes we have no way of knowing from the photos. Both possibilities cannot be ruled out. This Su-35 was photographed near the Iranian F-4 fighter jet. The backbone of Iran’s navy currently rests on these American fighter jets sold to Iran decades ago.
North Korea Connections: Pyongyang that has been supplying Iran with military know-how. Therefore, the logic that Eagle 44 is the work of North Korean know-how and even the participation of specialists from the Kim regime finds more and more grounds for credibility.
Eagle 44 is the name of Iran’s underground airbase. Sources cite various analysts and experts who suggest that North Korea has a huge hand in the construction of this Iranian base. For many years, Pyongyang has specialized in precisely this kind of construction. Historically – North Korea provided a lot of technology and know-how to Iran in the 1980s.