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Electromagnetic Combat

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is an increasingly competitive domain. The joint force creates effects both in the EMS and through the EMS into all other warfighting domains. If we lose the fight in the EMS, we will lose the fight in all other domains. Our spectrum warfare panel represents all aspects of the Air Force’s EMS enterprise. They will cover a range of spectrum warfare concepts, plans, and requirements, including a report on the Air Force’s consolidation of EMS capabilities into the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing. Please watch the discussion with Lt Gen Dave Deptula, USAF (Ret.), Dean of the Mitchell Institute, and his guests: Maj Gen Daniel L. Simpson, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Col William E. Young Jr., Commander of the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, Maj Gen Ken Israel (Ret.), Former Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Airborne Reconnaissance Ken Dworkin, (SES, Ret) Executive Advisor, Electromagnetic Combat – Booz Allen Hamilton