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Hezbollah Agents In Israel

Terrorist organizations operate intelligence units that aim primarily to obtain valuable information about their adversaries, in order to plan terrorist attacks and gain counterintelligence, and thereby reduce the intelligence gathered by the adversary. This article presents a study that in the limits of an empirical framework analyzes Hezbollah’s modus operandi of intelligence agents in Israel. The purpose of the study, which analyzes quantitative and qualitative content from 21 rulings against 41 Israeli men and women who were accused of spying for Hezbollah in Israel between 2000 and 2021, is to expose the methods of operation of Hezbollah’s agents in Israel and to shed light on the status of human intelligence (HUMINT) in Hezbollah’s intelligence efforts. The activity of most of the agents was exposed by Israeli counterintelligence within a short amount of time, and their operation did not cause significant damage to Israel.