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Hezbollah Chemical Weapons

Saudi Al-Hadath news reported Hezbollah has moved 110 Fajr missiles and over 300 Fateh missiles to Al Qusayr, Syria, near the Lebanese border. These transferred missiles with chemical warheads from the research center in Masyaf (in the Homs region) to the region of the town of al-Qaseir in north Lebanon, on the Syria-Lebanon border. Nearly two weeks ago, the weapons and other equipment were moved from the facility in Al Qusayr to the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) in Masyaf. The missiles carry thionyl chloride, a toxic chemical which was reportedly injected into the missiles by experts from North Korea under the supervision of Iranian chemical weapons expert, Qassem Abdullah Massoudyan. The missiles were carried by non-military vehicles. Reportedly, the operation was carried out under Iranian supervision, and North Korean experts helped load the warheads. According to the report, the missiles were transferred because Hezbollah was concerned their place of storage had been revealed .

North Korea is stepping up its activity in the Middle East, with experts from the Hermit Kingdom actively helping Iran supply its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, with hundreds of chemical weapons in Lebanon


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