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Hezbollah in Syria

Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR)  reported Hezbollah in Syria using a US Bradley Fighting vehicle

Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR)  reported Hezbollah in Syria using a US Bradley Fighting vehicle, it was loaded with drones. Hezbollah was training Afghan “Fatimiyoun” in Drone warfare. The US provided the Lebanese Army with 32 Bradley vehicles.

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Lebanese “Hezbollah” experts arrived in Palmyra’s archaeological city in the eastern countryside of Homs, which is controlled by Iranian-backed Afghan “Fatimiyoun” militia, days ago.

According to SOHR sources, weapons and nearly 40 Afghan “Fatimiyoun” militiamen had arrived in Al-Tallilah area, east of Palmyra, the headquarters of Iranian-backed militias, then a Bradley fighting vehicle loaded with Iranian drones and carrying Lebanese Hezbollah experts arrived there to provide Fatimiyoun militiamen with drone training.

On July 17, SOHR sources reported that Iranian-backed militias Al-Mazarea’ area in Al-Mayadeen desert in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor tested Iranian-made drones dubbed Ababil 3. The drones took off from Al-Mazzarea’ area in Al-Mayadeen desert and flew towards the desert, hitting several targets with live ammunition.


An anonymous senior Israeli military official noted that Hezbollah is using weapons in Syria that were supplied to Lebanon by the United States,

U.S. sent 32 M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Lebanon

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is an armored infantry vehicle designed for reconnaissance and troop transport. Bradley M2 variants carry up to seven passengers and can be equipped with 25mm Bushmaster cannons, networked targeting sensors and TOW anti-armor and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.