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Iran Deploys Missiles Covering The Strait Of Hormuz

LINK TO ARTICLE Iran has deployed an array of anti-ship missiles and large rockets overlooking Strait of Hormuz. The Strait is vital for the supply of oil from the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The waterway is being patrolled by U.S. Navy and its allies to protect vessels from Iranian action.

Multiple amateur videos and photos of the weapons lined up on overlooking the beach began surfacing on social media on April 4. Geospatial analysis has confirmed that the location of one of the batteries is on Qeshm Island.

Videos are emerging of Iranian rocket and missile systems lined up along beaches. They are apparently deployed to cover the Strait of Hormuz. One video says that it was taken on Qeshm Island overlooking strait of Hormuz. The videos appear credible.

Although the videos are blurred, they appear to show an assortment of systems. One video (on Twitter) shows Fajr-5 and Fajr-3 MLRS as well as a single Khatam-5 anti-ship missile launcher. The other (on Twitter) appears to show a battery of at least four Fajr-5 MLRS.