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IRAN IRGC’s Rising Drone Threat

A Desperate Regime’s Ploy to Project Power, “Incite War”

“Using UAVs to incite war and terrorism,” the utilization of UAVs for the advancement of terrorist policies and regional meddling by the IRGC’s Quds Force is discussed. The Quds Force Intelligence and Training directorates have dedicated certain sections to the production as well as training and export of UAVs to other countries in the region. The IRGC’s drone command center was directly involved in the attack on the Saudi Aramco oil refinery. The IRGC also continues to export drones to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. UAV parts are flown to these countries in IRGC planes as well as shipped through land crossings, and are subsequently assembled in the host countries. Local mercenaries from these countries receive training at IRGC Aerospace Force locations in Iran.In that the clerical regime in Iran lacks the military capability to build advanced weaponry, it has resorted to the production of weapons and equipment that can be used for terrorist and war-mongering activities intended to advance its policy of creating crises and fueling terrorism. One such weapon, in the production and export of which the regime has invested heavily in recent years, is a variety of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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