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Israel Post-Election Overview –

26 March 2021 The only certainty following Tuesday elections in Israel is that uncertainty still reigns supreme in Jerusalem. Israel has joined the ranks of such crisis-ridden democratic systems as Italy, or the 1950’s Fourth Republic in France. There are several mathematical possibilities of forming a government, headed either by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or by one of his many rivals in a fragile coalition, but all of those point to a continued period of instability. Today’s episode lights the way out of the fog as the votes are finally and formally counted – with each fraction changing sides able to tilt the results. Panel: – Jonathan Hessen, Host. – Amir Oren, Analyst. – Former Knesset Member Dov Lipman, Secretary General of the Confederation of United Zionists. – Mr. Mitchell Barak, CEO Kevoon Research Group.

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