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Israel Top News 13 May 2021

  1. Will this Hamas conflict be different than others?
  2. Iran’s election ‘competition for who is most sycophant’ – expert
  3. The cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence turns once again – opinion
  4. IDF calls up reservists as rockets continue to pound Israel
  5. Austria outlaws Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah
  6. ‘He was full of love’: Family and friends mourn fallen IDF soldier
  7. Israel in chaos: 10 Border Police units called up to quell Arab-Jewish violence
  8. IDF strikes four anti-tank missile cells in Gaza as rockets pound Tel Aviv
  9. Ben-Gurion closes to arriving flights amid escalating conflict
  10. Germany vows ‘no tolerance’ after Israel-flag burning outside synagogues
  11. Heavy barrage hits Tel Aviv, Beersheba; Hamas calls it revenge for slain leaders
  12. Israel, Hamas and our vicious internal rupture: An attempt at moral clarity
  13. Betrayal in the Galilee
  14. Ex-head of Israel space program critically injured when rioters burn Acre hotel
  15. No coalition talks until Jewish-Arab violence abates, says kingmaker Abbas
  16. Daily Briefing May 13 – As rockets rain, is Israel on the brink of civil war?
  17. From Gal Gadot to Trevor Noah, celebrities weigh in on the Israel-Gaza violence