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Motostrelki ’22: Russian Infantry Tactics & Structure

Here is a summary of changes that were alleged to have been made as part of the “New Look” reforms and some caveats: 1. BMP Company HQs were reduced from 2 vehicles to 1 vehicle. Personnel remained the same except the removal of the spare Mechanic-Driver and Gunner-Operator. While the video shows 1 vehicle in the Company HQ in accordance with our most up-to-date sources, I would not be surprised if 2 vehicles was still a practice in some units to keep the HQ vehicles from getting too cramped. 2. PKP/PKM general-purpose machine gun replaces the RPK-74 as the main squad automatic. 3. Platoon HQs were reduced with the removal of the 2-man PKM team, Rifleman-Medic and Sniper/Marksman. The SVD marksman rifles were moved to the brigade and battalion level in sniper units. Introduced of squad-level PKP/PKMs likely made the platoon-level 7.62x54mmR systems redundant. 4. Squad-level SVDs in BTR/MT-LB platoons were removed. 5. Assistant machine gunner was added to the BMP platoon due to the new PKP GPMG. 6. The Praporschik rank was briefly abolished around the period of 2008-2013, but was brought back. Some sources state that instead of being battalion-level, in BTR battalions ATGM teams are directly assigned to motor rifle companies. These are mostly pre-2008 sources, though. Also for some reason some newer sources neglect to mention a Deputy Company Commander, but I’ve seen evidence of this position still existing through Russian press releases and other means.