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Six Stories From 7 Oct, from a comprehensive news report of overview of the horrible events of 7 Oct., Another -She became known as the lady in red and was one of the most hauntingly iconic images from the October 7 massacre, A Video Interview with a 1973 Yom Kippur 70 year old combat vet fire fight with Hamas Terrorists, and more  


  1. Hamas’ October 7 Attack on Israel: a Primer For the shocked and confused. December 8, 2023 by Danusha Goska

The extensive evidence of Hamas’ atrocities includes the corpses of a father and child tied together with wire and then burned alive, and twenty children tied together and burned; bodies with hacked off limbs and gauged out eyes; and bodies bespeaking gang rape so severe that victims’ leg and pelvic bones were broken. First responder Asher Moskowitz found a baby that Hamas had cooked to death in an oven. The oven’s heating element was still attached to the corpse.


  1. 17-Year-Old Israeli Says Her Dog Gave Her The ‘Moral Support’ She Needed To Endure Nearly Two Months In Captivity. By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli teenager kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and held in captivity in the Gaza Strip for nearly two months managed to sneak her dog in with her, the former hostage revealed this week. In an interview with Kan, 17-year-old Mia Leimberg explained how she managed to conceal her dog Bella, a Shih Tzu, on her person as she was taken into captivity by Hamas terrorists.


  1. My Word: The Theater Of Terror The Psychological War Was Evident During The Staggered Release Of Hostages A Week Ago. By LIAT COLLINS DECEMBER 8, 2023 09:15

Hamas terrorists in Gaza launched two wars on Israel on October 7: There was the physical attack whose immediate results were painfully evident in the high cost of casualties – some 1,200 people brutally murdered, thousands wounded, and more than 220 abducted. The ongoing rocket barrages on Israel and the attacks on IDF soldiers bravely fighting on the ground are part of that physical war. But there is another war – the psychological one. And here, too, Hamas is playing dirty.


  1. Hamas’ Child Hostages The ancient horrors have returned. December 7, 2023 by Kenneth R. Timmerman

For at least two generations, Israelis have felt secure in the knowledge that the horrors of the Holocaust were behind them. Safe behind border walls and protected by a powerful military, Jews in Israel would never again have to watch as children were murdered in front of their parents, and parents in front of their children. October 7 changed all that – dramatically. The Hamas-led killing spree of that day brought Hitler’s willing executions through the gates of Israel. Suddenly, nowhere was safe anymore.


  1. I Am Israel’s Lady In Red And This Is How I Survived Nova Festival Massacre

She became known as the lady in red and was one of the most hauntingly iconic images from the October 7 massacre. A young woman, running for her life, fear etched on her face as twisted Hamas gunmen targeted the Nova rave festival in the early hours slaughtering at least 340 and taking 40 people hostage. The last time she was seen, she wore a red shawl over her shoulders, and was surrounded by dozens of other terrified festival goers frantically running across a desert for safety, before climbing into the back of a car. For weeks the world has wondered if she made it, whether she was alive or dead. Now MailOnline has found her and, for the first time, Vlada Patapov – a 25-year-old Ukrainian-born mother of one – tells her story.


A Warrior ..The 70-Year-Old Who Hunted Terrorists on October 7, testimony, with a heavy heart, he feels he did not do enough, fight hard enough,  saved enough lives, survival guilt