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 Russia–Ukraine war, the US–China Rivalry and Thucydides’s Trap

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Joined by IISS Senior Fellow and Editor of the Adelphi Series, Dr Benjamin Rhode, Professor Allison will explore the strategic implications that Russia’s war in Ukraine and the US–China rivalry are likely to have for each other. During the first two decades of this century, China’s economic, technological and military rise has seen it rival and, in some categories of national power and achievement, surpass the United States. The US–China competition will be the key determinant of geopolitics for decades to come, and it remains unclear whether Beijing and Washington will be able to escape the ‘Thucydides’s Trap’ – the dynamic in which the encounter between rising and ruling powers so often results in war. This event will explore the relationship between the current war in Ukraine, the emerging alignment between Russia and China, and the rivalry between Beijing and Washington. Speaker: Professor Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government at Harvard University Chair: Dr Benjamin Rhode, IISS Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Affairs and Editor of the Adelphi book series