ARTICLE:  Iran buys 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E fighters produced for Egypt

  • An In-Depth Analysis Of Why The Sukhoi Su-35 Is The Most Overhyped 4th Generation Fighter Aircraft A 2020 news report
  • One of the most visible differences from Su-27M/Su-30 is that the canards were removed, although there is an option that can be added, such as the Su-30 series. This design reduces the exposure of the cross section of aircraft structure to radar. The aircraft’s engines were also upgraded to the 117S model and the air intakes are enlarged. The probe and the basket for the aerial refueling system were added.
  • Apart from its obvious physical differences, not only have the Su-35BM received significant improvements in avionics, as she is also fully from Russia. The Su-35BM is equipped with an improved variety of passive optical system N035 Irbis radar and a radar mounted on its rear extra sting to the tail shortened, later, the production will use IRBIS-E radar with improved N035 most powerful and best ECM features. electronic warfare and self- defense electronic countermeasures Khibiny L175M was also installed, with a future production with a new Irbis-E radar with an improved ability to search. A contender that is not considered direct is the F-22 Raptor that was developed by the USAF, which has a displacement better than Su-35 and best range weapons.
  • The cockpit was redesigned with two LCD screens and compatibility with HMD. The software of the Su-35BM has added compatibility with new weapons systems. Other avionics include new information from long-range targets, and datalink capable of resistance and a JAM electronic reconnaissance system. Newer, lighter systems have been added (including a brand new NOF-Fly by Optics the flight control system and OLS). The avionics are integrated with a navigation system based on satellite radio. On April 14, 2009 a prototype of the Su-35BM fighter crashed during a high-speed test. The pilot escaped unhurt after ejecting. According to Sukhoi the fighter’s brakes failed on landing, resulting in excessive speed of the plane that skidded off the runway and caused a fire in left engine.