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Syria Fires S-200 Missile Into Israel

How did this missile manage to cross the entire country of Israel ?

Last week a highly dangerous hypersonic S-200 missile with a warhead 10 times larger than any of the rockets Hamas fires entered Israeli territory from Syria. Instead of a brief encounter with the Iron Dome or any other anti-missile batteries, it cruised undisturbed for nearly 400 kilometers (248 miles) across the country. The S-200 missile has been modified from an air defense role to lack attack missile.

Firing missiles from the S-200 system ballistically is far from unprecedented, Syria, Ukraine currently using the S-200 in a land attack role, North Korea having done so on November 2, 2022.

The S-200 (NATO: SA-5 Gammon) is a Russian medium to high altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. A highly-proliferated weapon, it is currently in service in at least 12 countries.

PAYLOAD 217 kg or 25 KT / 

NUCLEAR/ OR EMP The S-200D “Dubna” is a nuclear capable system that fired an improved 5V28V rocket with a range of 300 km ( 186 miles).