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Terrorist Are Arab Palestinians Preferred Candidates

The results of the recent university elections are a clear indication — and warning — that if all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem were ever handed over to the exclusive control of the Palestinian Authority, they too would end up in the hands of Hamas, whether through elections or a violent and bloody coup like the one that took place in the Gaza Strip in 2007. Hamas staged a coup, overthrew the Palestinian Authority and seized control of the entire Gaza Strip. Just a year earlier, Hamas had won the PA parliamentary elections.

By voting for Hamas once again, Palestinians are sending a message to the world that they are determined to pursue terrorism and violence against Israel.

They are also sending a warning to Abbas and other Palestinian leaders not to make peace with Israel or work with it in any way, or else they will be treated as traitors — further proof, as if it were needed, that the Palestinians have yet again chosen violence, terrorism and misery rather than a bright, promising future, a better economy, and prosperity for their young.