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The Complicated and Dangerous Russia, China, Iran Alliance

As geopolitical changes take place across the globe, in great part due to ambiguous and weakened U.S. foreign policy, dangerous alliances are forming that are beginning to upend not just regional balances of power, but America’s superpower status and U.S. national security more generally. Not only are the virulently anti-American Russia, China, and Iran each individually taking advantage of U.S. appeasement, isolationist tendencies, and foreign policy disasters such as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and failure to properly prepare for the invasions of Ukraine and coup in Niger, but these totalitarian states are forming political, economic, and military alliances that will pose dangerous challenges to the U.S. if it does not alter course quickly. To put it in pop culture terms, as historian, academic, and Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Russell Mead recently wrote, “Too many Americans still think we are living in Barbie’s world, not Oppenheimer’s.” Join us for a discussion of these complicated foreign policy challenges and dangerous geopolitical alliances with the always brilliant Victoria Coates, Vice President of the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at The Heritage Foundation.

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