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Dr. Naomi Wolf on FDA/Pfizer Malfeasance in Pfizer Document Dump

By Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer “Confidential Report”
Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries. In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, author of the May 2022 book “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human”
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