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The Negev Two-State Summit

In truth, the main reason the fake policy of “two-state solution” keeps going is that some Jews of Israel have yet to accept the truth about the Palestinian Arab conflict with Israel and what that means.

At the Negev Summit held earlier this week, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the unprecedented peace agreements between Israel and the Arab world that have followed the historic Abraham Accords “are not a substitute for progress between Palestinians and Israelis.” He omitted to acknowledge that the war against Israel is driven by profound anti-Semitism and religious fanaticism. At a press conference before the Negev Summit began, he failed to acknowledge that the people responsible for the absence of a Palestinian state are not the Israelis, who have repeatedly agreed to it, but the Palestinian Arabs themselves, who have refused such a state alongside Israel for the best part of a century.