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Turkey’s New Intel Chief Ties with Iran’s IRGC – Quds Force

In a resumé posted on the official web page of Turkish intelligence agency MIT, İbrahim Kalın, the newly appointed spymaster, did not mention his work for an Iranian-funded, radical Islamist publication that was shut down over its links to terrorism.

Kalın’s connection to the Yeryüzü magazine, which promoted an Iranian-style religious revolution in Turkey, and his past work that praised Iran’s Khomeini was deliberately omitted from the long resumé published by the agency last week about the new chief of the notorious intelligence service.

In every issue the magazine ran viciously anti-Semitic and anti-Western content, endorsed violent and armed jihad and often featured prominent Iranian mullah figures as revered personalities.

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IRGC-Quds Force

A branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that supports terrorist organizations.

Provides financial and military support to militant and terrorist groups, including to Hezbollah and groups in Africa; officers have trafficked narcotics and use diplomatic, non-governmental, and humanitarian organizations as cover for operational activities; has provided support and equipment to the Syrian government to repress civilian movements; has cooperated with Yas Air (Pars Aviation Services Company)Mahan Air, and Iran Air, to reportedly supply the Syrian government with weapons and crowd control equipment; reportedly uses Syria as a hub to transfer weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and Islamic Jihad in the West Bank; has used DFS Worldwide to ship goods from Dubai to Tehran.