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Unveiling Iran’s Modus Operandi

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has been a central source of instability globally since it came to power in 1979; but do Westerners comprehend the ideology that drives the mullahs and the strategies they deploy to undermine their enemies’ security? Have attempts (such as the JCPOA) to restrain Iranian bellicosity inadvertently compromised democratic values? What is the correct policy toward Tehran? Catherine Perez-Shakdam is the co-founder and director of Forward Strategy, and a research fellow at the American Center for Levant Studies.  She is a prominent expert in the Middle East, particularly in the domains of Iran and Yemen. She has played a crucial role in shaping policy decisions by providing invaluable insights into Yemen’s War Economy, uncovering the intricate web of corruption, trafficking, and money laundering. Catherine is best known for infiltrating the Islamic Republic of Iran and reaching the regime’s highest echelons. She holds an MA in finance, and an MA in communications.