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US Global Disruption of Three Terror Finance Cyber-Enabled Campaigns

US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REPORT The Justice Department today announced the dismantling of three terrorist financing cyber-enabled campaigns, involving Hamas al-Qassam Brigades military wing, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).  This coordinated operation is detailed in three forfeiture complaints and a criminal complaint unsealed today in the District of Columbia.  These actions represent the government’s largest-ever seizure of cryptocurrency in the terrorism context.

These three terror finance campaigns all relied on sophisticated cyber-tools, including the solicitation of cryptocurrency donations from around the world.  The action demonstrates how different terrorist groups have similarly adapted their terror finance activities to the cyber age.  Each group used cryptocurrency and social media to garner attention and raise funds for their terror campaigns.  Pursuant to judicially-authorized warrants, U.S. authorities seized millions of dollars, over 300 cryptocurrency accounts, four websites, and four Facebook pages all related to the criminal enterprise.


Justice Department says the donations weren’t anonymous and investigators “tracked and seized all 150 cryptocurrency accounts that laundered funds to and from the Hamas al-Qassam Brigades’ accounts.