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First Stage: Unconditional Surrender

  • Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi Chairman and Founder of IDSF.

During his service, Amir held a series of senior roles in the IDF, including Deputy Comptroller of the Security Forces, Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Deputy Commander of the Gaza Division, Commander of the Sagi Division, Commander of Battalion 605 and Commander of the School of Combat Engineering.

The Hamas must be eradicated. This is clear. What does this eradication involve and what is the scale according to which the victory should be considered? Not only destroying the organization’s current capabilities, but rather preventing any possibility of the organization rehabilitating itself in the future. In order to dismantle their rule once and for all and achieve this result, there is no choice but to engage in long, harsh fighting, including, in the end, a ground incursion and a deep cleaning of the area from all terrorists. Unconditional surrender is the least one can demand.