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Littoral Combat Ships are Breaking Apart at Sea

Jeremy Covelli As a Marine Engineer myself, I never understood how the Navy approved this design. This fake trimaran design (One hull and two wet sponsons) is terrible for many, many reasons. I suspect the problem here is that the hull is actually too stiff (too strong) and doesn’t have enough flex in the “bridge” that connects the hull to the sponsons. When the sponson comes out of the water, the entire weight it caries pushes down and is put on that hull to bridge connection (I call it the armpit) where it’s cracking. Then when it hits a wave and suddenly gets floatation again, the sponson rapidly shifts back in the opposite direction, creating enormous tension stresses in both directions. These pictures make it look like the hull is box beamed (framed) instead of I-beamed which also makes the problem worse because once again, box frames have very little flex. Transverse I-beams would be much better suited for this hull and the flex it needs