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One-Front Strategy –  Iran vs. Israel

The Threats On Israel’s Northern Borders


Lebanon is the anchor for Iran’s warfare doctrine against Israel. Lebanon completes the Iranian land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea. The whole width of access points for a Land incursion by IDF into Lebanon (in time of conflict) is a hidden labyrinth of fortified positions, overwatching killing fields from multi – directions. Even small team bunkers designed to attack after IDF forces bypass or breakthroughs. Much of this was seen in the 2006 Israel -Hezbollah conflict. These Hezbollah hidden fortifications are death traps no different from the US war in the pacific in WWII against the Japanese to the killing fields of the Vietnam war.

Syria provides Tehran with a two front axis front against Israel, on the Golan Heights area, Tehran is pouring more billions of dollars. Israel is facing a multidimensional war on these two fronts, the Golan being the main land invasion thrush axis point into Israel. The Borders of Lebanon and Syria flow together forming 105 miles bridge against Northern Israel.

The war that Israel faces, which no one likes to talk about, Iran is the tip of the spear of genocidal hatred, willing to waste billions of dollars and millions of lives to wipe Israel off the map. It is only about killing, killing Jews. So how do you confront a foe with those intentions?