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Thomas Friedman’s New Anti-Israel “Peace” Plan

Tom Friedman treats us to another anti-Israel piece, anti-reform protestors reach out to a foreign power to help them, and the Israeli Supreme Court weighs whether to abrogate Basic Laws. In Caroline Glick’s News Analysis this week, she examined: 1 – The backstory behind the flurry of U.S. diplomatic activity in Saudi Arabia. What is the Biden administration seeking to achieve in its sudden effort to shepherd a deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia? and what does Tom Friedman want Israel to do? 2- The renewed efforts by Ehud Barak’s team to mobilize the Biden administration against the Israel government and what it tells us about the people organizing the assaults on the Netanyahu government. 3 – The Supreme Court President Esther Hayut’s decision to adjudicate petitions calling for the abrogation of Basic Laws, which are themselves the source of the Supreme Court’s power.