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YELLOW CAKE : Syria And Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Because of sanctions on Tehran, it has been forced to resort to unconventional sources in which uranium is extracted as a byproduct, such as is the case for Syrian phosphate mines. Due to the high grade of uranium in the phosphate soil of these mines, the extraction of the element and the preparation of yellowcake from it is technically more feasible than the extraction of uranium from low-grade radioactive mines of Iran.  

Syria’s Khunayfis mine in Homs Governorate with 300 million tons of phosphates is under contract with Iran because it has a higher amount of uranium.

Iran, Yellowcake and Nuclear Weapons

Yellowcake Is Used In The Preparation Of Uranium Fuel For Nuclear Reactors And Nuclear Weapons.

Captured Iran’s Nuclear Archive Confirms Gchine Uranium Mine and Yellowcake Production Plant were Originally Part of a Clandestine Nuclear Weapons Fuel Cycle. Yet, Gchine never stopped operating.

The captured documents from Iran establish Tehran consistently misled the IAEA about Gchine and built it for use in a covert nuclear fuel cycle aimed at nuclear weapons production.


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